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Catering, entertainment and tourism

Customer and holidaymakers’ requirements of bars, restaurants and tourist establishments are changing radically. Most potential customers nowadays use digital channels to find out about options, make a booking and communicate with hotels, restaurants and inns. In a fiercely competitive field, digitalisation in this economic sector is essential to survival. Digitalised work processes take the strain off staff, thereby saving time and money.  

But above all, an appealing and well-functioning website containing comprehensive and continuously updated information on special offers and things to do in the region is an absolutely essential part of your IT kit. It allows guests to get in the holiday mood right from the moment they click on your website. And of course, linking in digital tools such as online booking and reservation systems and digital ordering platforms are important additions.

In the area of catering, entertainment and tourism, GANZRUND offers a wide range of possibilities to present potential guests with information about your business in a transparent and customer-oriented way that gets them licking their lips in anticipation - and ultimately leads to bookings and sales for you.

Furthermore, there are particularly strict regulations governing tourism and the hospitality sector in Austria, such as compliance with the tax authority’s Ordinance on Cash Registers or the extremely strict General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). GANZRUND supports businesses with ready-to-deploy, practical digital solutions that allow them to invoice simply and correctly (both for the customer and the accountant), as well as meet all necessary requirements concerning customer data with due care and in a legally compliant manner.


Our Services

  • IT consulting: Comprehensive advice for catering, entertainment and tourist establishments on the optimal IT infrastructure, security and data protection
  • Managed hosting: Failsafe server solutions in conjunction with all necessary support services
  • Web development: Corporate websites as a fundamental platform for presenting information and digitalising booking, ordering and invoicing processes  
  • Applications development: Development of specialised application programs for desktops and mobile devices
Efficiency improvement
Efficiency improvements through digital solutions that have been tailored individually for your hotel, restaurant or similar operation
Cost savings
Cost savings through streamlining your hardware and software
Greater flexibility with regard to the demands of the digital age (e.g. digital booking and ordering platforms)
New contacts
New contacts and increased sales from optimising your web presence
No data loss
Minimising the risk of systems downtime and data loss through highly effective IT security concepts
Time saving
Saving your time thanks to personal customer service and swift response times