E-commerce solutions

The radically changing buying behaviours of consumers affecting every area of retail - including digital retailing - mean that companies today no longer have the luxury of deciding whether to offer their products online: they simply have to. A perfectly constructed webshop has become an indispensable sales channel and is critical to the success of a business. But several key factors must be borne in mind if companies are to successfully use e-commerce to present and sell their products.      

The prerequisite is to ensure the technically seamless processing of customer purchases and, additionally, to offer a convenient, positive shopping experience for customers which gives clear added value. Successful e-commerce solutions are characterised by features such as: authentic customer reviews, full product information and multiple language choices; and they are underpinned by digital marketing measures and by social media and targeting campaigns. Important factors to be considered if aiming for a successful web presence and webshop are customer communications using a wide range of digital channels, SEO (search engine optimisation) and SEM (search engine marketing). And technical attributes such as fast loading times and seamless sales processing 24/7 are also important features of efficient e-commerce solutions.

GANZRUND takes care of the technical implementation of e-commerce solutions and all the attendant requirements of offering a webshop. This starts with the correct selection and handling of content and ends with the stability of the server systems. And an important integrative aspect here is the data security of users. Responsive web design guarantees optimal usability of the webshop on mobile devices as well, without any functional restrictions and with modified layouts.

Boost your sales and generate new market opportunities with an effective and optimised e-commerce solution, both technically and in terms of its content, from GANZRUND.

Our services

  • Design (Selection of the appropriate shop system, taking into account the business’s sales strategy, the products to be marketed and the relevant target groups)
  • Content creation (target-oriented treatment of product information and optimal presentation of the products in the webshop)
  • Corporate identity & corporate design (creation of an appealing design and the right text content to present the brand in an unmistakeable manner and facilitate lasting customer loyalty) 
  • Billing & payment processing (assistance in selecting a suitable payment services provider and the right payment methods so as to ensure secure payment transactions for buyer and seller)
  • Integration in third-party systems (development of individualised, optimised interfaces to connect the webshop to external ERP systems)
  • Shipment logistics (assistance in selecting the right logistics provider and implementing interfaces to ensure seamless dispatch of goods) 
  • Customer loyalty and customer acquisition (Improved customer loyalty and new customer acquisition through targeted communication and advertising of the products online using digital marketing and social media campaigns)
  • SEO (Targeted search engine optimisation and content management to improve the company’s Google ranking and boost sales)
Your company will benefit from a dynamic growth in online sales
Location independence
You will tap into new markets through not being tied down geographically
Your products can be displayed to their best
Your customers can purchase products around-the-clock
You will reach your target groups better and acquire new customers quicker with the help of supporting digital marketing measures
Cost savings
You can save on the (rent, personnel etc.) costs of physical shops
You can analyse the buying behaviour of your customers to enable a more targeted sales and marketing strategy