The storage technology virtualisation offers the very highest degree of availability and flexibility along with some important security benefits. In addition, operating costs are lowered, idle time avoided and system efficiency boosted.

With virtualisation, multiple physical servers are made available virtually on one overlying level. Operating systems and services can be placed on it and be accessed - with the result that many virtualised instances can be initiated on one physical group of servers. If there is a hardware failure, virtual server systems can be moved, manually or automatically, to other available physical instances.

In the area of virtualisation, GANZRUND offers a holistic portfolio of solutions which will, on the one hand, reduce energy usage and costs; and on the other, efficiently deploy resources where they are needed at the time. As a result of virtualisation, downtime is significantly lower and maintenance windows do not lead to system unavailability. In addition, GANZRUND offers its clients geo-redundancy across its data centre locations, so as to spread resources and to guarantee continued and unrestricted availability in the event of one location going offline.

Improve the productivity, efficiency, agility and responsiveness of your IT systems!


Icon Leistungen
  • Design of virtualised server systems
  • Transfer of physical instances to virtual equivalents
  • Formulation of strategies for businesses with high availability requirements
  • Solutions portfolio for hosting and the backup of virtual instances
  • Advice given on the optimum storage technology mix and on efficient deployment of virtualisation
  • Support in scaling up instances and on creating cluster systems
Icon Vorteile
  • Save on operating costs
  • More efficient capacity utilisation of your hardware
  • Increased uptime
  • Rapid restores if problems occur
  • Centralised administration and monitoring
  • No downtime due to maintenance work
  • Optimal environment for server infrastructures