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Manufacturing and industry

Industrial plant often consists of complex technical equipment that has been assembled as the result of year-long development and alignment by engineers. These machines are often installed in a rugged setting, frequently separate to the commercial offices of a business. In many cases, the production facilities and the company’s management will be located in different countries, making unrestricted, active control of the production sites often difficult. Full and complete analysis of production volumes, downtime/spoilage or efficiency therefore normally calls for a high level of technical resource - however, this precise measurement and appraisal of efficiency and effectiveness is absolutely essential for the success of the business.

GANZRUND supports businesses in the industrial sector by linking up production lines/machines using appropriate software. Embedded software systems are used to generate or analyse performance data, including the output of individual machines and production units.  Even older machines can be upgraded to allow digital analysis, using the relevant PLC control systems. For modern machines, GANZRUND can develop appropriate interfaces using pre-determined performance specifications and transmit the analysed data in encrypted form to central IT systems. Comprehensive information and efficiency reports using, for example, existing or specially developed analysis software can in this way be produced for the different production locations and machines, thereby ensuring the economic assessment of the same in an effective and transparent manner.


Our Services

  • Development of industrial applications
  • Practical data management of production facilities
  • Automated reports generated by PLC systems
  • Modern web applications to allow process evaluation
Technical background
Service provider with a technical background
PLCs area experience
Knowledge of PLCs
Individual implementation
Situation-specific deployment based on understanding of the production stages
Location & platform independent
Software that works independently of location and platform