Cloud Services

The term “cloud services” is used to describe various services which are provided centrally and online via a data centre. Your data and the services you use are not tied to a location and are encrypted for security.

Employees can access the company’s own data and programs via any notebook, smartphone or tablet in remote sessions. In this way a completely networked, location-independent workplace is created. Cloud systems allow efficient working at a time in which remote working and working from home is becoming ever more important - whether through sheer necessity (COVID-19 pandemic) or the desire to accommodate employee requirements for more flexible working arrangements.

GANZRUND offers a wide range of services and products in the area of cloud services. All cloud products offered are without exception hosted and run by us internally. External, third-party providers are avoided, in order to ensure optimal data security and transparency.

Give your employees and your whole company more flexibility with modern remote working solutions.

Our services

  • Remote workplace systems for the modern way of working
  • Provision of collaboration tools to allow virtual teams to work together
  • Services to allow team working on files and to make files available to team members
  • Servicing and maintenance of cloud systems in the area of SaaS, IaaS and PaaS
More flexibility
Greater flexibility as a result of location-independent working
Greater satisfaction
Greater employee satisfaction
Secure data center
Your data stored securely in our data centre
No foreign access
Third parties cannot access your data if a laptop or smartphone goes missing or is stolen