Application Development

Applications development refers to the development of application programs that are specific to a client and which have been especially developed to address specific requirements and problems. The term “app”, which is so widely used today, is in most cases almost exclusively associated with applications that work on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. But in fact apps are also developed for and used by desktops. The reason for developing individualised software is to simplify processes, boost efficiency and expedite digitalisation. It provides solutions precisely in those areas where “off-the-shelf” systems fall down. The deployment of standardised software does not always deliver the desired benefit for companies - and that’s where individualised and customised application programs become essential. If you wish to differentiate yourself  from your competitors, or digitalise and simplify various work processes, in most cases it will be essential to deploy customised software programs.

GANZRUND develops individualised software solutions which we have programmed specifically for your company’s requirements. By analysing your business processes and needs in detail and by consulting closely with you during the development phase, we ensure that our clients get a customised solution to their problems.

Avoid wasting your time and resources - instead, commission a software solution that 100% fulfils your and your company's requirements.

Our services

  • Development of individualised web applications and software solutions
  • Accompanying project management
  • Programming of embedded development applications for a wide range of hardware platforms
  • Creation of interfaces with web-based control and analysis
  • Integration of standardised protocols to monitor and control IoT systems
  • Development of special interfaces for web services
  • Linking of CRM /ERP systems to existing interfaces
More efficiency
Saving of time and money through tailored solutions.
More performance
No compromises through taking on standard software.
More effectiveness
In-depth analysis of your processes.
Process optimization
Identification of potential for streamlining.
Personal support
Close, personal customer service.
Ongoing support
Accompanying technical support.