Embedded Systems

The monitoring and readout of PLC systems (PLC = Programmable Logic Controllers) provides an important basis in many production departments for sound estimating systems and for process optimisation. And in this era of the IoT (“Internet of Things”) and the related and relatively simple linking of sensors and measurement instruments, the development of customised and efficient embedded software becomes ever more important. These programs record automated production stages or monitor electronic machines using mobile mini controllers and platforms. The deployment possibilities for this sort of software are almost limitless.

GANZRUND develops interfaces for a wide range of hardware platforms and web services, as well as for standardised PLC systems software, to enable the monitoring, analysis and controlling of machines. These interfaces enable the linking of data as well as communication between various sub-components of systems.

GANZRUND uses various frameworks to simplify the control and analysis of integrated machines. These programming frameworks allow simple interfaces to be deployed between technical and user areas, with the latter also able to intervene to correct errors. Wherever an interface is created between software and hardware, embedded development will be used. In this way applications can be simplified and informative reports produced, with the use of state-of-the-art technologies.

You can rely on our many years of experience in programming a diverse range of interfaces. Feel free to consult us - without obligation.

Our services

  • Development of interfaces for a wide range of hardware platforms and web services
  • Incorporation of applications available for Arduino and Raspberry systems in an industrial setting
  • Creation of interfaces with web-based control and analysis
  • Integration of standardised protocols to monitor and control IoT systems
  • Integration of IoT systems into production networks
  • Integration of PLC control systems
Optimized processes
Continuous and integrated processes
Time savings
Faster throughput times
Fewer sources of error through automating and standardising
Centralised master data
Process monitoring and control