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Tax advisors and lawyers

Working with extremely sensitive information is part of the daily job for lawyers or tax advisors. Chambers acting as fiduciaries that administer and process large volumes of sensitive client information set great store on uninterrupted access to, and secure storage of, the data on a stable and reliable IT system. Furthermore, the businesses in this sector must often observe long retention periods; and the secure, audit-compliant storage of data is a major prerequisite, so that the integrity of data is assured and can be demonstrated, without restrictions, in an audit.

Local storage of data in one’s own organisation is becoming a thing of the past, as only a low level of data security can be guaranteed. Data loss can occur for a variety of reasons: a fire in the building, for instance, or damage to the server in some other way; through negligent handling of the data by employees; through a failure to carry out backups; or through targeted data theft. Furthermore, the costs for servicing and maintaining the IT systems are often not in proportion to the investment.

GANZRUND offers customised managed hosting packages to ensure the secure storage and administration of your data. Managed hosting is the term given to the provision of server solutions, together with all the associated support services. This solution means data is no longer stored on a local server on your premises, but on dedicated servers located in our secure data centres.


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  • Full support for DATEV, RZL and Advokat
  • Individualised solutions for tax advisors and lawyers
  • Flexible working when and where you need it
  • Rapid assistance in the event of problems, to ensure your availability
EDP landscape
A partner to take care of your entire IT set-up
Support for local devices (printers, workstations etc.) and the entire server environment
Data centre in Austria
Data is stored in our own data centre in Austria
Certified data management
Certified and audit-compliant data storage
ISO certified
ISO-certified service provider