The requirements and expectations customers have of the retail sector are changing and developing at a tremendous pace. These days, businesses that opt only for over-the-counter retailing cannot succeed in the long run, for they will be competing with e-commerce traders who have fully digitalised their businesses. Digital transformation and the expansion of business activities in(to) online retailing are therefore assuredly the correct and only response to changing buying behaviour and are the key factors in the commercial success of retail businesses.


An extensive and appealing company website is the bedrock of a modern online web presence and the “digital calling card” of any business working in retail sales. More than 90% of all purchase decisions start with an internet search! Customers want to be able to inform themselves in detail online about a company and the products and services it is offering. GANZRUND designs company websites for businesses in every branch of retail and can give your company a commanding online presence.   


An online shop filled with interesting products and extensive information about them, which in technical terms functions faultlessly and also offers 24/7 shopping, is increasingly becoming the most important sales channel for retail operations. Interfaces to CRM/ERP systems, logistics providers and to payment service provider systems make sales processing easier for your company and facilitate a seamless shopping experience for your customers. The services offered by GANZRUND range from individualised webshop design through to the implementation of e-commerce solutions of every type and magnitude. In addition to technical factors such as page loading times and usability, we also take care of preparing the content of your webshop and the optimal presentation of your products. “Responsive web design” also ensures a perfect shopping experience with unrestricted functionality on any mobile device.  

Managed hosting

In addition to just programming the webshops, GANZRUND also offers the option of hosting these, including taking on the technical maintenance and adjusting resource parameters as required. These “managed hosting solutions” are failsafe; and enhancements can be implemented at any time without incurring downtime.  This ensures there is no impact on customer satisfaction or on sales as a result of the webshop being temporarily unavailable. Furthermore, your retail business benefits from close, personal customer service as well as ever-present technical support.


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  • IT consulting: Comprehensive advice for retail operators on the optimal IT infrastructure, security and data protection for your business
  • Managed hosting: Failsafe server solutions in conjunction with all necessary support services
  • Web development: Corporate websites and e-commerce solutions to help you exploit new, online sales channels
  • Applications development: Development of specialised application programs for desktops and mobile devices
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  • Efficiency improvements through digital solutions that have been tailored individually for your company
  • Cost savings through streamlining your hardware and software
  • Greater flexibility with regard to the demands of the digital age (e.g. remote working and home office)
  • New contacts and sales opportunities from optimising your web presence
  • Increasing turnover through effective e-commerce solutions
  • Minimising the risk of systems downtime and data loss through highly effective IT security concepts
  • Saving your time thanks to personal customer service and swift response times