Web Development

Corporate websites and e-commerce solutions are integral to our way of doing business today and are frequently a cornerstone of business activities. More than 80% of all people in Europe spend on average more than 180 minutes on the internet every day.

Online trade is recording high growth rates in every target group and is becoming an ever bigger driver of sales for businesses. The most important prerequisites for business success in the online area are targeted online sales strategies using digital marketing and search engine optimisation, as well as the seamless deployment of a well-specified and well-constructed webshop.

The same applies of course for a company’s web presence. These days, company websites are so much more than just a simple “calling card” on the internet. They play a major role in shaping a company’s image; they provide detailed information about business activities and services; are extremely service-oriented; and act frequently as a sales channel for a company’s products and/or services.

GANZRUND offers a comprehensive range of services in the area of web development. Corporate websites and online shops are tailored precisely, both technically and in terms of their content, to the customer requirements of a given company, and are marketed appropriately to the target groups with accompanying digital marketing measures.  

Entrust the implementation of your web-related projects to the professionals, and reap the benefits of implementing a website or online shop that has been optimised for your company, both technically and in terms of its content.

Our services

  • Programming and design of corporate websites and e-commerce solutions
  • Creation of intranet portals for disseminating information internally
  • Restructuring and optimisation of existing websites and webshops
  • Implementation of payment services and billing systems, and the interfaces to them
  • Integration of e-commerce solutions in existing CRM/ERP systems
  • Design and implementation of online marketing strategies
Corporate Identity
A professional-looking web presence for your company.
More transparency
Better customer information, faster customer acquisition and scaling.
Efficiency increase
Increased sales through being free of temporal and geographical restrictions.
More reach
Multimedia marketing, individualised and tailored to your target group.
Target group optimized
Better analysis of customers and buying behaviour.