Corporate Websites

A corporate website is not just a company’s digital business card but rather a highly important factor in the acquisition of customers and a mighty information tool. There are these days barely any decisions for or against buying a product/using a service that are not influenced by internet research. Up-to-date websites offer customers in all branches comprehensive information, contact possibilities and detailed insights into offers, company philosophies and further business or branch details. Well-prepared and maintained websites offer an unbeatable head-start on the market. The targeted implementation of multilingualism, accompanying social media activities, the clear formulation of interesting content, unrestricted technological functionality and the effective presentation of a company’s corporate identity are important cornerstones of a successful web presence.

Customer acquisition and customer retention, as well as the area of search engine optimisation (SEO) are now essential elements of the digital world. Newsletters, rating platforms, social media campaigning and search engine marketing (SEM) also accompany successful company websites and turn digital business cards into living, future-proofed sales opportunities.

GANZRUND supports clients with the conception and development of websites and online platforms, as well as with regular support in keeping content up-to-date and creating a living web presence. A clever, clear structure is an important prerequisite for a successful online project, but one that must also be supported by equally attractive picture and text elements and functional interactive interfaces (booking systems, contact forms, online support channels, etc.) With this, a company’s competence in the digital sector can be consolidated for the long-term. In addition, paying attention to efficient SEO support can give businesses an unbeatable head-start on the massive competition present in the World Wide Web.

Our services

  • Design and creation of corporate websites
  • Preparation of all digital content such as images, graphics and text
  • Creation of internet and intranet platforms
  • Development and integration of interfaces
  • Preparation of content, also for presentation in multiple languages
  • Technical preparation for SEO and SEM technologies
  • Optimisation of all content for search engines
Higher attention
Greater awareness of your company
Professional appearance
A modern, professional web presence that inspires confidence
Reinforcing and boosting recognition of your brand
Customer loyalty
Targeted customer information through the appealing presentation of your products and services
Acquiring new customers
Faster acquisition of new online business with digital marketing
Distribution channels
Your website becomes an additional sales channel by incorporating a webshop
Search engine optimized
Rapid linking to your website on the world wide web (through search engine optimisation)