Web Applicationen

A web application is an application program that is not installed on the user’s local computer - rather, it is stored on a remote server and made available over the internet. Thanks to stable internet connections, increasing bandwidths, the roll-out of fibreglass networks and the resulting improvements in availability, in many areas desktop-based software can be replaced by more practical web applications.

Important considerations when deploying web applications are, on the one hand, big cost savings when rolling out updates; and on the other, their cross-platform operational capability. In this way, the system resources needed for individual workplaces can be effectively reduced, as thanks to the client-server architecture, the resource requirements of local computers are modest. In geographically dispersed company locations in particular, the more efficient and moderately-priced connectivity of ERP/CRM systems using web applications delivers huge benefits.

In the area of applications development, GANZRUND offers a wide spectrum of possibilities, building on the practical experience of having implemented many projects in which a variety of very different processes have been optimised, bringing lasting benefits. In a first step, a detailed analysis is made of the current situation, and both the desired improvements and the objectives behind introducing the new software are ascertained. It is often the case that even at this stage, long-established processes can be broken down into sub-processes and automated, thereby creating a simpler and more inexpensive work flow. GANZRUND makes use of agile methodologies for software development, such as Scrum, in the development phase. The aim of agile software development is to make the development process leaner and more flexible, so as to achieve usable results swiftly.

Invest in modern software solutions which can be used with ease and at any time, independently of location and your company's operating system.

Our services

  • Design of web applications and the attendant project management
  • Development of applications on the basis of state-of-the-art web technologies
  • Various database systems deployed
  • The data held on existing software systems is integrated into the new solution
  • Clients and their employees receive training
Platform independence
Process optimization
Swift modification and further development of processes
Easy deployment in different system environments
Flexible, future-proof software development
Interfaces can be deployed, giving convenient connections to third-party systems
Improved usability