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Electrical engineering and automation

Electrical engineers and businesses operating in the area of automation are being increasingly required to make sweeping strategic and operational changes in relation to their IT systems. The development of monitoring systems for distributed (also geographically) electrodistributors, the monitoring of temperature or automated error analysis as well as controls analysis are just some of the issues that have been dominating electrical engineering for a considerable amount of time now.

GANZRUND supports these companies with the programming, linking up and communications between control systems in a wide variety of areas. Our spectrum of services runs from the development of communications networks and the creation of output and error reports to the programming of individual software to allow the long-term analysis or easier management of control systems. And important integrative aspects such as comprehensive IT security in IoT networks or the creation of up-to-date, secure communications channels and stable links to the central analysis points are given the highest priority. Working closely with the companies and end users, we focus here on individually aligned IT systems which are made as simple as possible for technical personnel to maintain, without compromising in any way on data protection, security and unrestricted availability.


Our Services

  • Development of secure communications networks
  • Programming of individualised applications
  • Applications allowing full and complete analysis of production machinery
Technical background
Service provider with a technical background
PLC area
Knowledge of PLCs
Individual implementation
Situation-specific deployment based on understanding of the production stages
Location & platform independent
Software that works independently of location and platform