Start-ups are critically important to the digital economy. They tend to be open to new ways of doing things and new ideas, and because of this spawn innovative business models. However, many start-ups and young enterprises do not think enough in their early days about the IT infrastructure they will require. They simply acquire a couple of desktops or laptops at the start to get the business launched. Once the first signs of success are there and the business starts to grow, efficient work processes, suitable IT equipment and structured IT systems are essential. The dynamics and growth of a newly-founded company call for a different IT set-up to that of an established company with a consolidated business model that has been going for years. Start-up companies wanting to combine a high level of efficiency with agility require an IT infrastructure aligned to their needs. Flexible IT services that can be rapidly scaled up are called for here.

GANZRUND offers customised managed IT services for start-ups. These services include a comprehensive initial consultation, configuration of the required hardware and software, installation and maintenance of all systems and the attendant technical support following implementation.

Invest from the start in a tailored, rapidly scalable IT infrastructure to allow you to design your business activities and processes to be agile and highly efficient.


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  • Comprehensive initial consultation for start-ups and recently-founded companies
  • Planning of IT systems that are ideally dimensioned and rapidly scalable
  • Implementation of server solutions, digital communications tools, remote workplaces, corporate websites, webshops, IT security systems and specialised applications
  • Accompanying support and personal customer service during the start-up phase and beyond  
  • Consulting for special issues such as data protection and IT security
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  • Bad investments avoided through an appropriate, streamlined IT infrastructure from the start
  • Time and money saved on the planning and implementation of IT systems
  • System flexibility and scalability in harmony with the company’s growth
  • Happier employees thanks to modern, digitalised ways of working
  • Legal conformity in specialist areas such as data protection and the GDPR